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    2017 AMA Championship Snow Bike Race Round 5 Results

    A Main

    1 - Harris Huizenga
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    KAW, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Full Throttle Kawasaki, Arctiva, Parts Unlimited, Timbersled

    2 - Cody Thomsen
    Nisswa, Minnesota
    YAM, Camso
    Sponsors: Woodies Racing, Heinen Motorsports, Camso, FMF, 6D Helmets, Scott Goggles, Motion Pro, Rox Speed Fx, Velocity Streetwear, Sunoco, Mobius Knee Braces, General Formulations Tread Company

    3 - Colton Davis
    Rochert, Minnesta
    YAM, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Fly Racing, Timbersled

    4 - Mick Olson
    Roosevelt, Minnesota
    HON, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Pete’s Body Shop, Team Bar Bangers, Timbersled

    5 - Austin Madison
    Jefferson, Wisconsin
    KTM, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Rob’s Performance Motorsports, PR2 Suspension

    6 - Wyatt Hooper
    McGregor, Minnesota
    YAM, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Wyatt’s Towing, Ice Tires

    7 - Cory Graffunder
    Simi Valley, California
    HUS, MotoTrax SRT
    Sponsors: MotoTrax, Sidi 509, Kenda, Oneal, Rekluse, GPR, Fasst, Fastway, Shoie, TBT, CTI, IMS, Hammer, Hyde, USWE, P3 Carbon, HBD, Moto Seat, TM Designs

    8 - Shayna Lier
    Stratford, South Dakota
    HON, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Gary’s Auto Body, Evolution Powersports, Klim, Bell Helmets, Timbersled

    9 - Keaton Ward
    Bozeman, Montana
    Sponsors: HCTN, Von Zipper, Timbersled, Fly, 6D, Hinson, VP Fuels, Acerbis, Fastway, PRZ, 505, NIHILO


    B Main

    1 - Colton Sturm
    Nisswa, MN
    YAM, Camso
    Sponsors: Camso, Straight Line Performance, Scott, Brothers Motorsports, RSI, HMK

    2 - Brad Tweten
    Grand Forks, ND
    YAM, Timbersled

    3 - Cody Breitbach
    Pecot Lakes, Minnesota
    KTM, Timbersled
    Sponsor: Sturm Racing

    4 - Colton Olson
    Roosevelt, Minnesota
    HON, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Barbangers Racing, Pete’s Body Shop

    5 - Matt Halseth
    Hawley, Minnesota
    KTM, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Timbersled / Full Throttle Motorsports / Muscatell Automotive Group / Cargo Keeper, MHi, SOL

    6 - Jay Jelinek
    Fordville, North Dakota
    KTM, Yeti

    7 - Pete Olson
    Roosevelt, Minnesota
    HON, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Pete’s Body Shop

    8 - Lee Jelinek
    Pisek, North Dakota
    HON, Yeti

    9 - Ryan Schuur
    Chandler, Minnesota
    HON, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Schuur Concrete 10 Lance Johnson Gilbert, MN KAW, Frozen Moto



    1 - Shayna Lier Stratford
    South Dakota
    HON, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Gary’s Auto Body, Evolution Powersports, Klim, Bell Helmets

    2 - Jacqueline Riess
    Eden Prairie, MN
    KTM, Timbersled

    3 - Amy Wolfe
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    KTM, Timbersled
    Sponsors: Full Throttle Motorsports

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