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What is your preferred snow bike kit?

What is your preferred snowbike kit?   46 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your preferred snowbike kit?

    • Timbersled
    • Yeti
    • MotoTrax
    • CMXBK
    • Camso
    • Snowtech MX

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I voted T-sled, cause that's what I have, but the other kits look like some really high quality stuff....  That camso thing looks kinda, built out in the shedish, but, who knows  it might work really well....

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I used to own a 2moto and have ridden a 2016  TS ST and a 2014 SX. The timbersled was hands down better in the deep snow than the 2moto. I was going to purchase a TS ST this year but liked what I read about moto-trax and the price was right so I decided to pull the Trigger on the 129 mountain and give it a try. I wonder why TS doesn't offer a 129? Seem like it could be the best of both worlds.  Haven't put the track on yet, but here are some pictures of it off the bike. Hope to get it on this weekend. Just need to snow now. 


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Snowtech mx, best made kit out there in my opinion. Suspension is amazing and the kit handles amazing and it is bomb proof.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk

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