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Undecided between Timbersled ARO 120 AND 137


I am looking to purchase the new Timbersled ARO but undecided between the Timbersled ARO 120 and ARO 137

Can you please let me know would be the main difference (pros and cons) and which one you would consider and why?

It will go on a KTM 500 EXCF 2017

Thank you in advance.

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depends on your rider weight. As in you+gear. and what style of riding. Short track is lighter, quicker, tighter turning and just playful. LT requires more power to drive it but with a 500 shouldn't be a problem.  It won't turn as tight or be as quick. And it weighs more. (20 lbs?) It will climb in powder a little better and handle the DEEP stuff better. I am 170-180 with all my stuff and the ST on a 450 does good in 2 foot of powder. I was told buy my dealer that unless you are 250+ or all you did was super deep powder and you just wanted to travel and not play ie (trappers, hunters, fishermen) then get a long track. Granted thats his opinion. The ARO kits are narrower then the older timbersled so they give up some surface area of track on snow. but its more efficient and with a bigger ski to offset the loss.


Personally I would only get a long track if I was running a trapline or I rode in more open slopes with deep powder. And then i would only do it if i had the Raze Nitrous kit. 


I guess it comes down to whats your weight?

Where do you ride? (powder depth, Roads, trails, trees, open slopes)

 who are you going to ride with.( sleds, ST guys, LT guys)

What style of riding do you want? (fast and playful or more planted and less zippy.


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